Reading from "Io sono l'ultimo. Lettere di partigiani italiani"

curated by Giacomo Papi, Stefano Faure and Andrea Liparoto

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The partisans, first of all, were young. They fell in love, they discovered to have fear or courage. Freedom was in the mountains, they could feel it for the first time beating in their heads. It's a unanimous story about the rock dream of a Nation of free people with the same rights, for nowadays young boys and girls.


"Io sono l’ultimo. Lettere di partigiani italiani" was born when Annita Malavasi, the partisan “Laila” started to speak about love. She wanted especially to speak about a fact: men and women had equal dignity among partisans for the first time and the parity established by the Constitution at the end of the Second World War wasn’t a gift but an achievement and a recognition.
Her testament was published on “D - La Repubblica". Then a lot of letters arrived. Some were from old partisans and they spoke about love. It's a collection of experiences that define the profile of a collective autobiography of young people sharing an age and a Nation that felt the necessity to change.


“Freedom was in the mountains, we could feel it for the first time beating in our heads.” The beat of freedom was born from this sentence of Nello Quartieri, nom de guerre “Italiano”. The freedom as pulsation, as beat that excites. A new rhythm that upsets and speaks about youth and rebellion. The partisans' words started to sound unexpectedly rock and their voices intersected with the voices of Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Alanis Morissette, the Green Day. It came out a score that oversteps the limits of history and connects three generations.


The Beat of Freedom is a stage of the project about Female Resistance



08/09/24, 21:00
The beat of Freedom – La Resistenza a fumetti
Teatro di Posa di Adverteaser
Vercelli, Italy

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By and with: Marta Cuscunà
Assistant: Marco Rogante
Created for ViPride, Vicenza '13 Gaypride
Promotion: Centrale Fies
Diffusion: Laura Marinelli
Marta Cuscunà is part of the Fies Factory project


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