The idea of the project about Female Resistance sprang from the reading “Il femminismo, che roba è?” a report by of the semiologist Giovanna Cosenza and her team of students.
The report works about a very important question: if it’s true, as the economic data published by Eurostat and World Economic Forum demonstrate, those women are subordinate to men in Italy (as they work less, earn less and are less represented) why didn’t they rebel as the feminists did?
The team of Studenti&Reporter asked some students of the University of Bologna an easy question: if I say feminism or feminist, what do you think about? And they let them speak.
The first reflection is that feminism is something old and has no reason to exist anymore for most of the people interviewed.
I asked myself how could this be possible, as if we put the theme of the difference of genres on an economic level, the results tell us that the problem exists and is a serious one.
Where does this distorted perception of reality comes from? Maybe from a misunderstanding.
Maybe a lot of people, women first, reduce the claims of feminism to sexual area.
And if it’s true that today women are more free to manage their sentimental and intimate life that in the past, to decide how many and which people go to bed with, to dress or undress, to be sexually uninhibited, this doesn't mean automatically that women today are no more victims of genre discrimination. It's on the contrary.
Also because of this, it seemed essential for me to dismantle prejudices and stereotypes that young people have today about feminism and feminists, offering positive real life examples of women that have struggled to free the female condition.